Thursday, August 14, 2014

UK work permit

Is to understand the most important thing in the UK work permit that in the UK the employer applies for the work permit and the work permit for the employee Granted owners. If you are an individual hoping to work in the UK, you can not apply for a work permit. If you have a work permit for the UK, you can not change jobs without a new work permit.

The following are the different types of permission to work in UK:
The business and commercial work permit allows employers in this country to recruit people from outside the European Economic Area (EEA), which are the perhaps otherwise just filled a vacancy by a "residence employee" filling.
Please use form WP1 when applying for: -
Business and Commercial work permit;
Multiple Entry work permit; and
for changes in employment or application form WP1X for extensions of existing work permit. For Sponsor researchers use the form for new SR1, extension and change of employment applications.

The student internship arrangements allow students from outside the EEA studying first or higher degree programs abroad, receiving an internship with an employer in this country. Please use the form WPSI Internship If you request one. Please refer to the 'Student Internship Guide for Employers (Student Internship Notes) for more details.

The education and work experience scheme allows people from outside the EEA to receive job training for a professional or specialist qualification, or a period of work experience. Please use form WP1 when applying for education and work experience work permit and for changes in the employment or use WP1X for extensions of existing work permit.

The General Agreement on Trade in Services regulations allow employees of companies outside the European Union, in the UK on a service contract, the employer of a UK-based organization Excellent work. This is a special and exceptional arrangement within the regular work permit rules under the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) made​​. The company commissioned to provide the service abroad must apply using the application form GATS-A. Please note "for instructions on use of the employer, how to apply for a General Agreement on Trade in Services work permit" the (GATSA (notes) and the related guidance in GATSB (notes), if necessary) for further details.

Sectors Based Scheme (SBS) in the country will enable the employer to people from outside the EEA to recruit to fill vacancies that they do not fill with 'Resident workers. SBS is based on, and the industry is currently in the catering and food industry production. These contributions cover only SBS Notes specified within a given that the industry is difficult to UK to fill Recognized work permit, and in the sectors according to Scheme Guidance. The conditions laid down in the guidelines contributions are at a level that would not have the skills to meet the criteria of the business and commercial arrangements that have been identified but how hard Within the UK to fill. The SBS is rate-based. Please use SB1 form when applying for a work permit or SBS a change of job, or under arrangements in the original SB1X for an extension to an existing work permit.

The sports and entertainment arrangements allow employers in this country founded athletes, entertainers, artists and culture to deal with some technical / support people from outside the EEA. Please use the form WP3 when applying for Sport and Entertainment Work Permit, Work Permit Multiple Entry and for changes in the employment or use WP3X for extensions of existing work permit.