Friday, June 29, 2012

American Citizenship - Why or Why not

U.S. citizenship is the ultimate in terms of immigration status for each person. It's a known fact that up to a U.S. citizen is an honor and not an easy achievement. There are many benefits that citizens of the United States. Although it is known, there are many green card holders, even if not entitled to citizenship, go for it. According to estimates by more than eight million green-card holders are entitled to citizenship. But the USCIS will not eight million applications for naturalization that many are reluctant. Can the reasons why people seek U.S. citizenship and why are other search. Some sleep much content on a permanent resident, even if they claim to citizenship.
Why apply for U.S. citizenship?

Benefits of Opportunity and Quality of Life
The desire to win, advantages for himself or for his family, is a major reason immigrants have in mind to take the step towards naturalization. Many economic opportunities, go ahead and live position in comfort and style of the American way of life is another dominant motif, the interest generated for citizenship

Legal rights, civil rights, political participation
Another important reason for the current citizenship is secure in the fight against discrimination and equal treatment. Although citizenship confers voting right, take it as a very little reason for naturalization. As a middle-class values ​​are civic engagement and voting at the top of the priority list, but it is open to advocate at the top of the list of reasons to become a citizen? The answer is no.

Staying with relatives:
Although the main reason is the economic opportunity and a better quality of life, with those who could not have your family near a deep cut to the heart to create. United with the family or to help other family members come to the United States is another crucial factor that goes into citizenship.

Why do some keep a citizenship application:

Why is not intended naturalization often? Ineligible for a good cause. Some do not have time. While this may seem a bit absurd, it is also a reason. Some reasons are:

Barriers eligibility requirement:
If we, if the linguistic competence or level of education that is the obstacle to naturalization that we have to understand that the language skills to think is not the level of training, which is accessibility. The citizenship test is disproportionately a fundamental test of the candidate's ability in English. In the section of political education, the applicant must have basic knowledge of civics and U.S. government and it does not require a high school or college and can be mobilized people from almost all levels of education. Do not have a formal education is not the obstacle to success in the race.

The rising cost of USCIS immigration forms once in two years. Although naturalization applicants received a reprieve this time as USCIS has not the fee for the form of citizenship, N-400 is increased, it may not be the same next time. The high price involved in the citizenship application is sometimes suggested as a barrier to naturalization.

Close ties with the country of origin:
Another reason not to pursue naturalization is that many immigrants do not intend to remain in
United States forever. Near his home in immigrants makes their culture and language in a much larger measure to keep.

Although not as dominant this is another factor that can be assigned as a reason not to run for citizenship. Although USCIS has many resources to assist naturalization applicants, many are simply not aware of the process. This is the main reason why USCIS launched a campaign to promote U.S. citizenship has created. These are just some of the reasons and not fully understood.

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