Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Canadian immigration reforms

Canada is a beautiful country with an appropriate population and some of the most wonderful facilities. There are different things in Canada that have been the attraction for tourists different. The place is very peaceful and the people here enjoy a luxury stay. Thus, it has become one of the most preferred for people who are willing to walk away and so there are lots of immigration in the country. Many people believe that there is an obligation to modify some of Canada's immigration rules and make further reforms to check the amount of people who immigrate to Canada. There are people from almost all countries seeking Canadian citizenship. There have been many changes in the law for Canada immigration. There have been many new introductions in the system this Act and included acts such as the Law on the Protection of Refugees.

There are many people in Canada who believe there is a large requirement to make a change in the immigration laws of Canada. They believe that current laws are long overdue and, therefore, are needed to be revised. The Government of Canada has always had a policy known as "open door" allowing foreign refugees from around the world. But because of some threats of terrorism, it is extremely important to have complete control and also to refuse immigration for some people. Many people find Canada as one of the safest place. The Canadian immigration system has always been one of the most lenient of all systems. The result is that each year there are nearly 250,000 people trying to travel to Canada from around the world. The passport system in Canada is another part of the immigration system to be revised. People who immigrate to Canada from another country must have the ship Canadian citizen to receive a passport, apart from that, it is also important for immigrants to present a birth certificate of the country where they were born to get the passport . But no adequate controls are made for safety.

Canada is still a country much safer than most, and least amount of crime in the country, but they feel that there is a requirement to limit the chances of reducing crime. Most immigrants move to Canada via the border legally, but it was seen that there were many illegal migration from the borders in recent years. Therefore, there must be laws that prevent such illegal action. If such a high rate of immigration will continue it could result in much more serious problem for future years and therefore immigration reforms must be taken.

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